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Here are the facts

  • Criminals target those areas which are soft targets.
  • As other areas, get more organized in their crime watch activities, so criminals move on - will Tokai be the next "hit zone"?
  • It has been proved that remaining vigilant and getting organized will reduce criminal activity! Petty theft out of cars, stealing hubcaps etc remains a problem.
  • Malicious damage to property - Brass house numbers are stolen, plaques torn down, graffiti, etc.
  • More than 100 cars were stolen or broken Into within our area last year.
  • More than 65 housebreakings occurred within our area last year.
  • These are only the actual cases opened, but a recent survey showed that there may be more than five times as many housebreaking incidents which are reported, but no case is opened. (This could imply more than 325 incidents)
  • Best case scenario is that a car or house was hit about every 2 days - could It be yours next?
  • What is the value of damage done and goods stolen? A broken car window could cost over R500 to replace, to say nothing of the stress and time wasted I