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Aim & Objective
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Aims/Objectives of Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch

  • To promote neighbourliness and thereby improve security by raising the community's awareness of crime and their role in crime prevention, as well as improving communication between the role players.
  • To involve the residents of a specific area in the liaison with the local Police force and Security Service Providers to monitor and thereby curb criminal activity in the area.

Three important aspects - Neighbourliness, Awareness, Communication

How it works
Each person should have the contact details of each of their immediate neighbours, the people in their street and the "street contact's" details. This information should be kept in an easily accessible place. The street contact will communicate all relevant information from their street's residents to crime watch as well as return any useful feedback.

The System
Crime Watch is a system devised and run by the community. it only requires a little commitment by all involved for it to operate effectively. it is designed to promote Neighbourliness. This includes assisting your neighbours to maintain security through awareness and communication of irregular activity. Please also report any confirmed incident to your local street contact. This information will be passed on and followed up by the relevant persons and is useful for statistical and trend awareness purposes.

Joining the Neighbourhood Watch
A R20.00 (R10.00 for existing members) once off voluntary contribution will be requested. This is used to cover the costs of printing and the distribution of communications. You will receive Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch kit. This kit contains a list for contact details (including your street contact, zone contact and other emergency numbers), a simple incident report form, two Crime Watch signs and some additional information pamphlets.

Crime Watch signs should be displayed in a prominent and well lit position. They indicate that the owners of the property are watchful and committed to reporting suspicious activity.

The SA Police Service
Our area is served by the Kirstenhof Police Station (Tel: 7011536)

It is not intended that Crime Watch members should become involved in any policing functions, but rather that they should assist the Police to prevent and curb incidents of crime by reporting any criminal or suspicious persons or activities to them without delay. The Crime Watch Committee liaises regularly with the Police.